MMT Acoustix® Egg Tray Studio Soundproofing Acoustic Foam (Set of 18 Pcs Charcoal)

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Product Description

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Egg Tray 1Egg Tray 1

MMT Acoustix Egg Tray Soundproofing Acoustic Foam

The classical MMT Acoustix Egg Tray Acoustic foam was launched in 2006 when no other designs were in the market. It’s convoluted design increases the surface area like other designs and absorbs the sound as required. Its powerful and old, available in only one classic colour professional charcoal. Its can stuck on any surface using adhesive. The design has an NRC greater than 0.80. Also the product is cheper than other designs due to its cutting process which avoids any wastages. Egg Tray Acoustic Foam are most affordable due to its zero wastage and easy cutting technique. Egg Tray Soundproofing panels is used in areas like home studios, home theatres, doors, windows, jamming room, small offices, ceiling soundproofing, restaurants etc




Premium Acoustic Polyurethane

Made of high density 40kg/m3 acoustic polyurethane, the foam panels are of a durable quality to provide improved echo reduction and sound absorption. These panels have a thickness of 1.5″ to maximise diffusion of sounds in the high and mid frequency range.

Egg Tray Patterned Surface

The foam panels have a convoluted egg shell patterned surface and are excellent at absorbing sound. The classic convoluted egg crate pattern with deep wedges in precise cuts works to efficiently capture the sound waves and reduce the amplitude, thereby enhancing the clarity of your recording.

Noise Reduction Coefficient > 0.80

Product with a ARAI Lab tested Noise Reduction Coefficient > 0.80 to deaden more sound. This helps to reduce overtones, echo and reverberation, making them the ideal choice for efficient soundproofing. Absorbs all slap back sounds perfectly.


Easy Do It Yourself Installation – Sticks on any surface

Set up a quiet and peaceful space with MMT Acoustix. The panels are lightweight and can be mounted to your walls and ceiling with ease using spray adhesive. The flat back of the panel adheres to all surfaces- making it perfect for recording studios, home entertainment theaters, classrooms, YouTube video recordings and voice over studios.

Where to apply acoustic foam panels ?

How ToHow To

Acoustic foam panels must be applied on first reflection points ie right in front of you, right behind you and on the parallel walls to your ears ( Left and right walls in level of your ear/mic ). Acoustic foam should also applied just above your head for better acoustics. Covering partial wall surface with acoustic foam panels will give you a better room acoustics whereas covering 100% wall surface with acoustic foam will also isolate the sound upto 20 DB ( Soundproofing ). Sound isolation properties in acoustic foam is only possible from high quality, perfectly engineered soundproofing material by MMT Acoustix. Bass Traps are added on each corner to absorb low frequency bass. Wooden panels to diffuse sound at second reflection points.

All MMT Acoustix products can be applied on any surface using spray adhesive

Great for spot treating sound on walls. – For use in recording studios, control rooms, offices, home studios, home entertainment theaters, classrooms, youtube video recordings, voice over studios, machine canopies , Hotels, Basements, Machine Room, Practice Rooms, Schools etc
Each Pack contains 18 Pcs of 1×1 Feet Acoustic Foam in 2” Thickness – Covers total 18 sqft.
Made using high density Acoustic Polyurethane. NRC > 0.90, STC > 32 DB certified by ARAI. NRC is Noise Reduction coefficient means it will absorb 90% sound it encounters.
PROUDLY MADE IN INDIA with German Infrastructure & Raw Materials.


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